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45 things I am thankful for...

45 things I am thankful for…

Why 45? Well, because 45 is how many hours I had to wait to see one of my bestest friends. I had the *brilliant* idea to make a chart with a box for each hour until I would see her, and cross them out as time passed… Then, to make it more beneficial, I decided each hour I would write down something I was thankful for…

1.       my parents
I have really awesome parents. They encourage me to do right, even when its hard. They have taught me how to live. They brought me up in a Christian home, and even though its never perfect, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They believed in me, even when I made mistakes. They just encouraged me, and prayed for me, and told me to move on.

2.       {my siblings} >Nathanael- my bodyguard
my brother always makes sure that I’m not alone… He goes with me to different places just so that I’m not going alone!

3.       >Gabrielle- my confidant
She always listens when I have something to talk about. {Sometimes it isn’t willingly} Usually she has something to say to encourage me when I am struggling.

4.       >Skylar
Even though my baby sister is in heaven, I can’t help but be thankful for her. I think about her a lot; I am reminded of her every time I walk into the laundry room- we still have her headstone by the back door. Even though she didn’t live, I am grateful for the time we had looking forward to another little one. When God gave her to us, he also gave us HOPE, which is why, even though she was already in heaven, that is her middle name.

5.       >Samuel
I thank the Lord every single day for our little miracle. Samuel is so precious, his little sounds, and smiles. I thank the Lord that he saw fit to bless me with another baby brother, and I thank Him that Samuel is healthy for the moment!

6.       My friends
It would take too long to go into detail about each one of my friends {but you know who you are}. God has really blessed me this year, especially the past 6 months, by giving me the friends that would encourage me to do the right thing. My closest friends have really dealt with a lot when it comes to being my friend, but they never left me to fend for myself.

7.       heat.
sound… silly, maybe? It’s not when your furnace is broken.{thank you, Lord, for giving someone the idea to make an electric heater!}

8.       a house
9.       food
10.   health
I am extremely thankful for health. I know a lot of people who are very sick. {one of my good friends is very sick, so sick, that at one point they thought she was going to die}

11.   safety
12.   my Bible
I can’t say how many times I have been discouraged and read my Bible, and gotten encouragement from it.

13.   Assurance of Salvation
I know a lot of people who aren’t sure that if they die they will go to heaven. They just worry about doing enough good things so that maybe they will get to heaven. I don’t worry. I KNOW that I am going to heaven because I was accepted Christ’s gift of Salvation!

14.   that I am homeschooled
I am so thankful that my parents decided to homeschool us. I would not be who I am if I wasn’t.

15.   my church
16.   music
Have you ever thought about how boring life would be without music? It would be so… quiet. too quiet!

17.   books
18.   colors
Life would be really boring without color too… did you ever think about the fact that without color, you wouldn’t be able to see?

19.   a job {3 of them actually, even though one of them is the boringest job, ever!}
20.   the ability to work
I have my parents to thank for training me according to 2 Thessalonians 3:10 ~  “…if any would not work, neither should he eat.” I see so many young people now days that refuse to work, and its sick.

21.   sight
22.   my laptop
It really makes life much easier… I use it 4 or more hours a day… mainly for school, but also for writing out posts, designing, writing Bible studies, and listening to music.

23.   snow {note to my brother: sorry, but yeah I had to put that!}
This week, I discovered that I have 2 friends who have never actually seen snow. That is unfathomable to me. =D I love winter: you know- iceskating, sledding, tubing, and my birthday{I think I can only remember one time there was not snow on my birthday!}.

24.   God’s longsuffering
Do you realize where you’d be without it? I would probably be on my way to hell.

25.   trials
~1 Peter 3:14, 17 But and if ye suffer for righteousness' sake, happy are ye: and be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled;
For it is better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing.
Yes, I am thankful for trials. Trials have helped me learn a lot.

26.   my violin
I love playing beautiful music! I am so grateful that God gave me the ability to play!

27.   sunshine
We have missionaries in Greenland who will not see the sun for a few months now… It is always dreary when the sun isn’t shining!

28.   a vehicle
In Mexico it is rare for people to have their own car! They get a taxi, ride a bus, or {most often} they walk.

29.   electricity
30.   running water
The first couple months we lived here we had no running water inside!
31.   *hot* water
We used the hose for our showers when we first moved in… if you were first you got the water that had been warming in the sun. If you were last you got water straight from the well-talk about cold water!

32.   clothes
33.   colorful pens
34.   blankets
35.   my glasses
Even though my prescription isn’t strong, when I don’t wear my glasses, I get headaches, and my eyes hurt…
36.   medicine
37.   freedom of religion
So many people in other countries are persecuted if they are a Christian. Many are killed.
38.   freedom of speech
I can say whatever I want to/feel led to say, and it’s my right. :D
39.   my phone
Sometimes you just need to talk to someone.
40.   my “adopted’ family
So often when I was really struggling, they were they only ones who knew, but they were there for me. {I love you guys!}
41.   my extended family
42.   that I was born in the US.
43.   missionaries
44.   gas in the van
45.   all the men who have given their lives to make sure that we still have our freedom.

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