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goals. 3/20

After weeks of overloading myself and not getting anything at all done, I decided to give myself ONE ultimate goal this week.

be healthy.

obviously that includes a couple things, but this is my focus this week.

exercise. eat my portions. drink my water.

I'm choosing to be okay if nothing else gets done, because I know if I don't make this a priority, then I won't have the energy to do anything else. If I don't put the most important things at the top of my list, then the less important things will never get done either.

For my devotions this week I'm reading thru Jesus Always, and the book of John. I'm also slowly reading thru Love & Respect and Fervent.

Spiritually I am focusing on prayer, as well as not comparing or letting the way others treat me discourage me!!


hello weekend. + links

Soooo.... weekends around here start on Friday thanks to hubby's random + crazy work schedule. I'm really excited about this weekend though because it's supposed to be SUPER nice, and we have some fun thing planned!!

Is Kindness Part of Your Family's Testimony?

This is an excellent thought provoking question!! Good read!

7 Ways To Start Your Week Off With Confidence

Or weekend. Lol. Some really good reminders here!

On Having a Television Detox & Minimizing Our Toy Collection...

I had been planning on doing both of these for a while, and I stopped putting it off after reading this. Major purging in general (not just toys) has been going down over here the last couple weeks, and I'm working on a rotating toy "system" (meaning I just need to get something to store the toys in the closet).

Also. Tv (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) AND social media detox is happening this weekend!!

A Game of Evening Chase

Last but not least... Maggie's blog is my favorite!! Her posts are always so simple and encouraging!!

What are your plans for this weekend?


2017 || progress. not perfection.

After a pretty lame and very hard 2016 I knew I really needed to buckle down and get some things accomplished. But I'm a dreamer gal, and most of the time instead of setting myself up for success, I fail before I even start. Why?

Because in some ways I'm a perfectionist and I want to make the leap from A to Z now. without doing much of the work.

I'm always game for fresh starts- Mondays, 1sts, new years, etc. So for the last couple months of 2016 I was brainstorming, taking notes, and trying things out to see how I could make the most of my favorite fresh start- a new year. I figured out some things, but others I didn't get anywhere. I was still wanting perfection without progress...

So to start off 2017 I made very few goals. I picked my word for the year and focused on my goals for just JANUARY instead of making year long goals. And for once it worked.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I get so wrapped up in my big lofty goals that I don't focus on the little steps.

For example. I want to lose --lbs by the end of the year but I get discouraged when it takes weeks to knock out a couple, instead of starting with the goal of making exercise a habit before focusing on weight...

So this first month of 2017 has been focused on making lifestyle changes and habits. It hasn't gone the way I wanted. I didn't make as much progress as I should have. but God gives grace, and I'll try again this month!!


September Goals

Wow. Is it really September already??? Time sure is flying!

I'm just focusing on 5 things this month...

+doing my devotions first thing
+drinking plenty of water
+"refilling" daily (doing a craft, reading, playing the violin, etc.)
+staying off the Internet before lunch

It's been hard to get back into a routine with a newborn and a toddler, plus a a slight complication and slow recovery. Life is crazy like usual.


May Goals

So like I mentioned in last week's goal post, I am slowly working thru the Make Over Your Mornings E-Course. It has been pretty good, maybe I'll write a review on it soon. Anyways. I've done lots of goal setting this year, but it usually falls by the wayside quickly. So thats why I am posting these things here. Accountability. 

Now these are kind of my general goals for the year- most of them are not super specific to May, but since this is the first month I'm really focusing on them, I'll put them here. I hope to do a recap at the end of the month checking in with my progress!!

relationship with the Lord

::set a timer and pray everyday
::make prayer habits
::prayer journal
::listen to 2-3 extra messages a week


::plan a weekly "meeting"
::plan a date for the end of the month
::memorize verses together
::pray each night before Josh leaves for work


::sit down for meals
::limit "movie" time
::play without distractions for 1+ hour/day


::implement morning + evening routines
::7-day picture challenge
::sleep more
::weekly alone time


::keep the sink empty
::keep up with laundry
::plan meals better

blog + ministry

::post 2-3 times a week
::weekly encouragement email
::write out ideas

the window guy window washing{hubby's business}

::write out business plan
::move forward with website
::figure out a marketing plan
::get an LLC


::savings + emergency fund
::pay down debt
::use cash not debit card as much as possible

Check out these links too...

Crystal Paine talks about how to change your life by setting goals{make sure you check out the printable she mentions!!}, how she decide's her yearly goals, and what her priorities are.

Here is really good article on Sabbath Rest. And listen to my current favorite song if you have a few!!